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Mikiko was born in Nagasaki, but grew up in Osaka. As a teenager, she frequently visit the Toji and Kitano tenmangu antique markets in Kyoto and started collecting Japanese antiques from her high school days.


After moving to Brisbane from Kobe Japan, her passion blossomed after establishing her antique shop 'From Japan Only' in the Paddington Antique Centre (now, renamed 'Empire Revival'). 'From Japan Only' has a wide range of Japanese antiques such as Kimonos for both men and women, Haori, Nagajuban, Obi, Kimono accessories, Handbags, Geta, Zori, Jikatabi, hair ornaments, ceramics, Kokeshi, Japanese dolls, ornaments, masks, lanterns, Temari, plastic models and much more.

Mikiko has been working as a florist for more than 20 years in Japan, Canada, U.S.A, Bermuda and Australia. You can see and purchase her Ikebana, Kokedama (moss balls), miniature Japanese gardens and terrariums at her shop, 'From Japan Only' in Paddington, Brisbane.

Florist Mikiko
Florist Mikiko flower demonstration
Other Activities

Kimono Fashion Show

'From Japan Only' is sometimes involved in Kimono fashion show to provide Kimono in various events. This photo was taken at Red Carpet Multicultural Fashion Show.

Kimono Culture Club

Would you like to go out in Kimono?

'Kimonoya Brisbane' and 'From Japan Only' organise Kimono Culture Club. We occasionally go out for festivals and events. This photo was taken in the Brisbane triumphal parade of Olympic athletes. We were invited for being in the parade with the athletes. 

Anyone can be a member and it is free membership. You just need to wear Kimono by yourself when we go out. If you would like to learn how to wear Kimono, 'Kimonoya Brisbane' has classes of how to wear Kimono.

Children of Hope in Uganda

'From Japan Only' send a package to the orphanage called Children of Hope in Uganda once a year before Christmas season.

If you would like to donate stationaries (notebooks and pens), towels and tooth pastes, please let me know. (We don't send money.) 

Thank you.

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