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Cactuses in container $55_edited
Kokedama workshop
Miniature Japanese garden2 $75
Terrarium $95
Ikebana display
Floating flower arrangement $120_edited
Cactus in lava stone $29 each_edited
Driftwood with fish in container $85
Hanging glass balls and teardrops $29 each_edited
Fig tree Kokedama $39 each_edited_edited
Fish bowl terrarium $75
Succulent necklace and bracelet $50 set
Artificial flowers in bamboo ball $50 each_edited
Handbag Kokedama $35
miniature Japanese garden $75
miniature Japanese garden workshop
Jellyfish $15〜$25
Hanging love heart $50
Miniature cactus garden $75
Miniature Japanese garden in fish bowl $69
Ikebana workshop
Table centre Ikebana $150

Further information and booking :

These Ikebana and Kokedama products cannot be sent by surface mail as they are either fresh flowers or living plants. These are simply an example of Mikiko's creative Japanese work. Should you wish to order any of Mikiko's ikebana arrangements or Kokedama products please email or telephone her to discuss your requirements. Mikiko will then create an Ikebana or Koedama arrangement for you.


Mikiko has worked as a florist and wedding planner for over 20 years in Japan, Canada, Bermuda and Australia. Her experience in both western and Ikebana floristry has seen her work displayed at numerous weddings, corporates receptions, government and private functions and events.


Mikiko also conducts Ikebana demonstrations at local events and schools demonstrating Japanese traditional culture.

You can experience making Ikebana, Kokedama, miniature Japanese garden and herbariums at her workshops, which are held every weekend at Mappin's Nursery in Westend, Brisbane.

Ikebana demonstration


Ikebana display


Flower arranging display


Ikebana workshop at schools

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Mikiko Australia Flower Show

Article / Australia Flower Show

Mappin's Nursery in Westend, Brisbane

Mappin's Nursery in Westend, Brisbane

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